27 June 2010


What have we been up to? Besides killing ourselves trying to make this house everything we want it to be? (only one seafoam green bathroom to go before I start feeling good about things and will post pictures...)

Well...going to the splash park

mountain climbing

looking cute and homeless at the same time

not looking at the camera

feeling chubby next to Brooklyn

playing in the basement where it is cool

getting his bum whooped by dad at wrestling

drinking smoothies for breakfast (see it on W's face?)

deciding this is the best place to sit

charging the camera like a cute little elephant

hosting the Knolls for a night as the drove through to Utah

Enjoying the sunshine

Looking weird. Her hair looks like this because she takes those dang elastics out 100 times a day. And Warren looks weird because he is.


Melissa Lasley said...

I love it! What a darling girl Cammie is! You've got one great life, Steph!

todd & jocelyn said...

I love Cami's long red hair. Beautiful girl! When JM watched the video of her blowing a kiss, he blew one back at her. We miss our cousins!

Bonnie said...

Cami's Rolls!!! hilarious! she has grown up so much I cant believe it! I miss baby cami! by the time we come visit she will be talking and sassing everyone! cant wait to see you guys!
convince tams to come!!!

Jaimie said...

Aw we miss you guys! We are in Utah and just ran into Spencer and Jamie Jardine at a wedding. We talked about you guys for awhile :) I hope we will be able to see you guys one last time passing through Denver before heading out to KC!!

GO Gray's said...

"and Warren looks weird because he is." Best line EVER!!!!

nathan n rachel said...

I love your posts Steph. We really miss you guys in Iowa. :)

Tamara said...

Love the water part, I am wishing that we had something like it here.