23 July 2010

Catch up

Summer's been good to us. I've been feeling a little cabin fever since Taylor's been busier with work, which means I'm busier at home with my two cute monsters. But we've done some fun things - Chuck E Cheese, pools, parks, popsicles, sprinklers, mud...what's not to love? I'm just ready for a little vacation from motherhood.

My mom just spent a week with us and it was bliss. Absolutely zero pictures, though. That means it was good.

Taylor turned 30. Crazy old, right? ;) He got a Wii and a bbq party with friends. It was awesome. Mostly cause my mom was here and she goes nuts just sitting around. So she did all my dishes while we hung out with our pals. Sweet. I think he had a pretty fun day.

Warren - either crazy sweet and I want to hug and smooch him all day long, or mega annoying and I want to send him to college.

Some quotes:
"Mom, when I grow up I'm going to live with Carson and NOT you and you won't have any kids at home and you will be so so sad and so so lonely" (We'll see about that sad and lonely part...)

I told W that he had freckles. He said "No, I don't." I said "Yes, you do, right here," and I pointed to the ones on his nose. Then he looked at me and said: "Oh, and these green freckles are called boogies." Yep.

While brushing his teeth with toddler toothpaste - "Mom, that's Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, right?" Umm...no. And you watch too much TV, I think.

Cami - What a little fireball. Good thing she's cute, or she might get shipped off to boarding school. She's not so much naughty, but she has this villainous way about her. She thinks it's so funny to look you straight in the eye and do the opposite of what you say. And now she sticks her tongue out and spits at me anytime she disagrees with what I'm asking her to do. Or if her answer to your question is "no".
"Cami come here" "Pthup!"
"Cami, do you want your milk?" "Pthup!"
"Cami, no hitting" "Pthup!"
"Cami don't touch that" "Pthup!"
"Cami stop spitting" "Pthup!"
Such attitude from a little thing. I'm not sure I knew what I was signing up for when I had her. Total Sass. But she is pretty funny. And dang cute.

On to pictures:

How did I get him to smile? I said "poopie!"

Happy 4th

Still loves her babies. She brings us her babies and blankets and we have to swaddle them for her. So cute. (And kinda annoying) She definitely has redeeming qualities.

Happiness is living near a Krispy Kreme!

Popsicles are yummy. She looks pensive...and homeless

Playing in our ghetto backyard. Someone hook me up with a bobcat so we can gut the whole thing!

PS - Before and after house pictures are coming. Just slowly. Sorry.


tracie said...

Loved seeing you guys yesterday. Thank W for keeping Brooke entertained and C is just too cute for words.

Mandy Coffey said...

i love the W quotes!!! hhahahahaha

katieo said...


Love the Colgate Advanced Whitening. Luke remembers stuff like that all the time.

love the pictures.

Bethany said...

You guys are too too stinkin' cute. I think our little girls would get along... both have the sassy gene and love baby dolls.

George Huang said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Taylor!

Why is he busier in the summer? Do people worry more about their estate planning in the summer? Odd.

The Lowmans said...

Wow, how cool are you guys? We miss you! Your kids are growing up and as cute as ever...and Stephanie, you are one hot momma :)

GordonandChrissy said...

Miss you guys already! Love the pictures, especially Cami with her babies. She wants you to swaddle them? SO cute.

todd & jocelyn said...

Lakewood House of Doughnuts or nothing!