02 August 2010

Grandma Walker

We said goodbye to Taylor's Grandmother this week. She'd been fading for a little while now, so it was with mixed feelings that we headed to Utah for her funeral. The service was beautiful and it was lovely to see so much family united in love for our grandparents. She was always so kind and gracious to me, I'll really miss her. It was difficult to see grandpa putting on a brave face when it was obvious how devastated he was. 64 years together, I can only imagine.
She joined the church early in her marriage with three young daughters. Her valiant posterity is a testimony to her character and faith. She was an angel. I'm grateful to her and hope to live a life like hers. Full of love, hard work, conviction and hope. We'll miss her. I'm grateful for the gospel in times like these and know we'll see her again.

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nathan n rachel said...

It's always so hard loosing a grandma.