24 October 2010

Warren's Birthday Party

We had a ton of fun yesterday at Warren's birthday party. He finally decided on a bug-themed party after deciding and redeciding 100 times. We played bug bean bag toss, had a bug hunt, earned some prizes, smashed my 4-days-to-make-6-minutes-to-destroy spider pinata, ate dirt cake, and had an overall blast.

Of course these are in bakwards order, because that's the way I like to do things. :)

Let's note how many different spots he opened these presents in. He'd pick a new one, go to a new spot, and the mass of children would reconvene wherever he went. It was funny. He loved opening presents a little too much for my taste. The photo of him in the rocking chair is while the party is still going on and he just wanted to sit and look at his presents. He uttered some delighted phrases during this process, but the best one was HOLY SHMOLEY! Where'd he get that one from??


Lea Tame said...

Cute party!

Melissa Lasley said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Warren!

Hi ! Jennifer Kiddle said...

Happy Birthday cutie patootie! His party looks like it was a hit. I'm so happy you're in your new home and life is good :)

Anna said...

Happy birthday, Warren! Your mom rocks. She put together a pretty sweet party for you and man, did you SEE that PINATA?!?!?! Girl's got TALENT. Super super cute.