22 November 2010

Warren's Santa Letter

Dear Santa,

I've been good. (Tell him how long you've been good) For 10 1/2 hours. How are your reindeer? Sometimes my sister doesn't want to play with me and that makes me sad, but then my mom just catches her and tells her to play with me. I don't push my sister down, I do not yell and scream at my friends. I hope you come quickly before my birthday cake candles burn out. (??) I'm nice cause I play "store" with Cami and I'm so much nice to her. At school I "stop, look, and listen" and I always keep my toys (from home) in my pocket and I don't take then out at school. Cami and I play on the slide together.

Please bring me:
a race car
a brand new truck
a "pobo" stick - it has handles for the legs and handles for the arms
I want a brand new toy hamster
a new yellow and orange computer that's on the list (aka Target ad)
a play castle - a big one - so i can fit inside

I love you,

Well he better stop all this potty talk if he wants Santa to come through.



Haha! I gotta tell you a joke... Chicken butt! I love that. He's so funny.

GordonandChrissy said...

Love the videos of these cuties. Keep 'em coming. Camille is hilarious. But, I have to agree - you guys kind of stuck her with a hard one. :)