03 December 2010

Ode to Shutterfly

So Shutterfly is giving away 50 free Christmas cards to people who blog about how much they love their service/products. They have the cutest Christmas card options I've seen, so I'm excited to get some! I'm a sucker for free things, it's true, but I also happen to adore Shutterfly. I've tried other products from similar sites and there is no comparison to their quality. Here are three things I love.

1. Their prints come out perfect - some other places colors were totally off and the paper they were printed on was super thin and flimsy. And the cost is very reasonable.

2. Their photobooks are really easy to create and make the most thoughtful gifts. I make one for each of my kids every year. And usually one for the family, too. I treasure them. They always send me really great coupons and promotions, too, so I can usually get a good deal on them.

3. I haven't bought one, YET, but I really want to try out their new canvas prints. How awesome is that? I'd love to have one in my house. Maybe next family pictures??

I also love the online storage part of it all. If something should happen to my computer and/or albums, I know that I can come online and order the prints again, reorder the photobooks I've created, and preserve those memories should my house burn down. No need to run back into the flames for them, because I have them online. Perfect!

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nathan n rachel said...

I love shutterfly too.