09 December 2010


(Just cause I know you were all DYING to know how Cami's little word bubble came out...better, right?)

Today was nice and busy. Watching kids, hosting lunch for the chicas I visit teach, missionaries for dinner...lots of prep and clean up time today. Warren entertained himself well, he even went on a spelling spree all by himself. Let me decipher the hieroglyphics for you.

"Hapee Famlee" Warren WARREN (Those would be capital Rs, don't ya know?) Mom, dad, Camy
Oh, and 3 angels - with lots of buttons. I was unaware angels used buttons to keep their robes on. Now we all know.

deer grant i luv yoo ("OH! I forgot to write Warren") Warren ("OH! I forgot to write from!") From
- to his buddy that came to play today

We're getting better at printing, but what a good speller! Taylor's son, let me tell you. He'll probably go on to memorize the chinese dictionary, hard-bind all his college essays, and correct everyone's grammar. The normal things that everyone does, right?

The genius with an outfit he picked out of Dad's closet all on his own. Mini-Tay. Brain included.

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Dave and Stephanie said...

what a kid!! i laughed out loud with the comment about hard-binding college essays (it's only a matter of time until warren settles down for some easy reading of dad's previous work).