07 December 2010


Warren said a couple of cute things yesterday and today.

#1 at the dinner table (eating roast beef) "Mom, is this part of somebody's BRAIN?"

#2 when he fell down in the hallway "Warren, are you ok?" He stops and puts his hand on his chest and says "yes, my heart is stiiiiiiiill pumping!"

#3 he was climbing over the pews at church (during choir practice, not sacrament meeting) "Warren...we don't climb on the furniture! Whose house is this??" His eyes get real big and he points and looks upward. "Sorry for standing on your seats"

#4 "Mom, if a mean man came into our house and defeated you with his gun (we don't say kill, of course), I would call 9-1-1 and the police would come and defeat him and I would be so brave."

#5 "I'm the smartest of all my class. No, actually, I'm the smartest of all the people."

#6 (after he'd been put to bed and I was downstairs) "MOM! MOM! MOOOOM!" I ran upstairs and asked what the problem was. "I just forgot to tell you that I love you so much. Goodnight."

He melts my heart, that boy. We've been debating whether or not to put up a stink and get him into kindergarten early since his birthday is in October and he misses the cutoff. But then I think about how I'll lose him a whole year earlier for college and it makes me want to cry. He's soooo good, and kind, a great friend, obedient, and funny. I hope he stays that way and becomes a good man. I just love him so much I can barely stand it. I never thought I'd be the type who thinks their child can do no wrong, but maybe I am. Cause I think Warren is the bees knees. Any person (or girl) who hurts my baby will have my wrath to deal with. I'm getting all riled up now just thinking of the possible heartbreaks. I just hope he likes me in 10 years. Cause I'll like him for always.


Carolyn said...

Oh my, those were hilarious! But number 3 had me laughing out loud. What a funny kid.

Benjamin said...

I know what you mean. My favorite thing in the world is whenever Abigail says "daddy" or when she's excited to see me come home from work in the evening. I just want to give her whatever she wants. I never thought I would be such a softie. :-)

Sarah said...

Hey lady!
My Connor's birthday is in October and she missed the cutoff. I was so ticked when they wouldn't let her in early, but I'm so glad it worked out that way! She's growing too fast, and I would have really missed the extra time with her.

So, there's my two cents...not that you asked for it! :)

GordonandChrissy said...

He IS the bees knees. That Warren is a good kid. :) Good job, parents.

Hi ! Jennifer Kiddle said...

what a great post Steph ... you're such a good Mommy to him and he's so lucky to have his #1 lady be you.

Jessica said...

Love this post, almost made me cry for my own baby.

Melissa said...

hilarious! What an awesome kid!