30 January 2011

The kids

Here's what January looked like:

 Chipotle for lunch in Dad's office
 Cami fell asleep in the car and STAYED asleep on the floor for almost 20 minutes. That's a first.
 Rise and shine!

 We finally got some snow to go stomp around in.

 It was tasty.
 They love each other
 Warren found a passion for "decorating". Once the tree and other Christmas things came down, he decided that his tent (and our rooms, shelves, counter tops and couches on any given day) needed sprucing up. He spent hours on this and was VERY proud of his accomplishment. (About 50 soldiers, 30 critters, a dozen bells, some play food, and several of our kid-friendly Christmas ornaments ought to do the trick...)
 I dried the flowers that Taylor brought me on our anniversary.
 Warren and his babysitter built a wicked cool fort with blankets and sheets.
We remembered to take pictures BEFORE church. We come home looking rather homeless after 3 hours of Sunday worship. :)

 Cami developed a skill of making faces. Here's one of our favs.
 Watched some saturday morning cartoons
 Wore headbands. (W&C still love each other!)
 We played with friends.

And learned to cover our "privates" when posing for risque photos. She took off her dress and put on her boots alllll by herself! Modest is hottest - don't you forget it!

January was rather uneventful, but it was nice to take it easy. Our buddy from Iowa, Jared, came to town scoping out dental practices, we had some Cafe Rio and I schooled him at Super Mario Brothers. Warren honed his skills at creating clues for treasure hunts (thanks Uncle Todd!). Cami now says "I loff yooo" anytime she really wants something. Taylor has been diligent in teaching Warren the ways of the Jedi. We had some awesome spring weather last week and we picnicked in the park, washed our cars, cleaned the garage, went out to dinner, and played with friends outside all day long. We've been really good at reading scriptures as a family every day - one of our New Years resolutions. Warren picks up so much and it really has helped bring the spirit into our home. Bye January - bring on Valentine's Day.


Melissa Lasley said...

Go Dixes! Sounds like life is going well for you, keep it up!

Hi ! Jennifer Kiddle said...

I loved all the great pictures and catching up BUT NO MORE OF THIS ONCE A MONTH BLOG POSTING! I missed the Dixes ! XO