15 May 2011

Goings on around here!

 Taylor stacked the deck one round so Warren had only draw two's and wild draw fours. His face lit up like it was Christmas morning!
 Cami doesn't understand that her toys need to stay downstairs. So several times a day, she tries to bring them upstairs. All at once. Usually purses, babies, and strollers. She also has crazy hair.

 Comparing Warren's ears to Carson's. They laugh because Warren's ears are "huuuuge", and Carson's are "teeeeeny"
 Easter duds.

 They like each other! (Warren wore flip flops because he had a wicked blister on his heel and his regular shoes hurt)
 Scored some star wars dress ups at a garage sale!
I'm going to miss W's preschool. I thought this little letter project was funny. Check out bottom-half-naked Cami just chillin in the background.


Lea Tame said...

Love your new header... maybe it's not new but I've been out of blogging for a bit.

tracie said...

1. Did Warren have any idea that Taylor stacked the deck? If not, totally awesome
2. Nothing wrong with wearing flip flops to church...I did it for the past month. :)

GordonandChrissy said...

HA! I was laughing at the udder art work. What a creative teacher.

And, WOW. I must apologize for mistaking the cocatoo for a macaw on my blog. I wish I could plea ignorance and that I don't watch Diego at LEAST once a day ... but, I can't.

PS Do you guys dance to the rescue pack song like we do? It's a catchy little beat. :)

Mary Ann said...

I love the Easter pictures. Cami is so cute! (So is Warren of course.) and I love her with the Star Wars helmet on. Our kids would still get along- Sam is very interested in Star Wars because of kids at school, and Jane already knows who Darth Vader is.

Stephanie Green said...

What cuties!