19 June 2011

Last Eyesore - check!

The last true eyesore (inside the house) is gone. Say farewell to our 1970's shelves and ugly brick fireplace and brass cover. 
First, our man Jesse ripped out all the old shelving and mantel. 
 ahh...better already, right?

A little drywall and texture, custom cabinets and shelves, new mantel, crown moulding, painted brick, and voila! ("voila" took several days, I make it sound easy. Like we did anything anyways. I did paint the brick. Go me)
We love it. That room was so dark and sad before. I definitely need to get some cuter things to put on the shelves, and we're taking family pictures on Tuesday and will put a big one above the mantel. And I need some big candles to put inside the fireplace. Then it will be perfect. But this is already a gazillion times better, so I can wait for ultimate cuteness.
We got rid of the heavy wooden blinds (shown here), too. I'm sure they cost a fortune. Now they are garbage. Sorry old owners. Now if only I had new wood floors and new (un-ugly) kitchen counter tops. We'll get this house in shape soon enough. This was a huge step. :)


merathon said...

loving this! what a difference! now you need to have a party!

Jamie Ortega said...

Wow that looks great! I would love to put coustom shelving and storage around our fire place too, but that will have to wait another day.

Mary Ann said...

Way to go! That looks so good! How fun. I'll have to call you for tips whenever we do anything like that.