17 August 2011


 Warren was dressed and ready to go at 7AM when he came to wake me up. Too bad he was wearing a hat and flip flops, but he got pretty close to what I had laid out for him and he was cute. 2 hours later he was sitting in class ready to learn!
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (with peanut butter & syrup!) = 1st Day of School tradition

He was in the back because he ran back up to me to make sure he was sitting in the right spot. That's my kid - always cautious and making sure things are ok.

No tears were shed, I'm just happy he's in school and I'm excited for him. It's basically the same thing as preschool, so I don't see what the big deal is. Although when I think I only have 12 more of his first days of school, that does make me a little sad. But he assures me that when he goes to college that he'll come back and visit me. So generous.
His teacher seems great and we're very impressed with the school. Good & fun things are coming!  



Hooray for Warren! He looks so old. I can't believe you didn't cry. I got a little choked up reading this post. Have fun in kindergarten, you big kid!

GordonandChrissy said...

He is such a cute little kindergartener!!! I bet he will be one of her favorites, how could he not? He's such a smart kid and always trying to do what is right.

Seeing the classroom and her guided writing activity (that's what her chart that she is reading is called...I know, look at me) made me miss teaching so much! Kids are awesome, especially getting to see them learning.

I hope she is great!!!

And I'll throw in a "YIKES!" just for you ...

Yikes, he is in kindergarten already!!!

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

How is he in Kindergarten already? I swear - he should still be running around in a diaper, hanging out at home! What a good looking boy!

Lachelle said...

No big deal?! Are you kidding, kindergarten is free!!! What a bargain! Three cheers for public school!