27 November 2011


 We had a GREAT Thanksgiving this year. My pregnant self was in no mood to cook all that food, and after Amy realized Kohl's would need her to be in at 10PM for a marathon black friday shift, she decided she wasn't in the mood to cook either. So off we went to Table Mountain Inn & Cantina in Golden for our feast. And holy cow, this place did not disappoint! The food was super delicious, the kids got to pick whatever they wanted from the buffet (Warren, "the carnivore", had 5 different meats,  4 tiny green beans, and grapes. He might have had a roll, too. Can't recall) and we all left happy and properly stuffed. AND I didn't have to spend any time in the kitchen that morning, or cleaning up turkey guts in the afternoon. Win, win. We don't have leftovers in the fridge, but I'm over it. I think the Colorado Dixes might have found a new thanksgiving tradition!

 Cami opted for a more traditional meal, with the addition of salmon.
 Tough guy and his shrimp

 Cami's dessert: chocolate cake and chocolate fountain
 My dessert: cheesecake, chocolate pecan pie, pumpkin pie, carrot cake, red velvet cake. And yeah, I ate all of it. Don't judge me. I forgot to take the picture before I started chowing down.
 Warren went twice to the fountain. He sort of enjoyed that. :)

 My crazy kids
 Photo by Warren
 We walked around the empty main street to work off a little of our dinner
 Cami found a buffalo that needed his nose picked.

Handsome guy


Heidi Miller said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! I didn't know...did I miss that post? Anyway, when are you due? I love that you went out to eat. It looked good! Your kids have grown so much.

Amy said...

I LOVE Table Mountain Inn! I craved their nachos when I was pregnant with Allison, in Mississippi.

Brandon said...

This is for Taylor - were the margaritas as good as I remember? :)