12 November 2011

Warren's Party

We opted to stay out of the house for Warren's 5th Birthday party. We went to this little indoor amusement park and they had a blast. We found a good deal and spent less than I probably would have if we had it at home. And my house didn't have to be scrubbed to be destroyed. Good thing. The boy scored 5 lego sets and some other choice presents. Thanks, friends. And we hear they all enjoyed the whoopie cushions that we put in the goodie bags. 

The little girls had fun, too. 


GordonandChrissy said...

That looks like such a fun place! Maybe we'll have to come and visit and you can take us, too. :)
Happy Birthday, Warren!!

merathon said...

happy birthday! so where is this indoor amusement park? never heard of it!