29 December 2011


The loot for Santa. Warren wrote a very thoughtful note. 

Cami crashed in Taylor's arms at about 7:30 as we were reading the Christmas story in Luke.
self-timer family picture
Warren took a picture of our tree
I copied an idea I heard about blocking off the way to the Christmas tree with newspaper. Considering how early my kids like to wake up, it sounded like a nice tradition to start.
This is what Cami looked like when she came to wake up us at 6AM.
6:30 Am. Mom and dad are up, Cami woke Warren up, we brushed our teeth (priorities!), and they waited here to tear down the wall. 
First present - dress ups from Santa

mid-present-opening, Cami decides to leave the room and dance "like a princess" to Silent Night. (I usually have the honor of being the "beast" when she's Belle, but today she's Sleeping Beauty, so I'm a prince)
Grandma and Grandpa Dix came in the afternoon to continue the spoiling
My homeless princess and her sugar cookie.
Another outfit and playing with her Belle dolls.
The boys choose to hang here and play their new Wii game.
A couple days before, we went light-hunting. Found some sweet spots.

This house was all rigged to music and played a four-song loop. The kids LOVED it.


Melissa Lasley said...

I love Cami in the dress with the light-saber. Priceless!

GordonandChrissy said...

Merry Christmas! I love Cami's logic for why the lights were out downstairs. "Because the other lights were flashing, that's why it's dark..." ha.

What a fun Christmas morning!

nathan n rachel said...

Love the newspaper idea. My dad would always sleep in the hallway with plastic bags around him.

Bonnie said...

CUTE belly!! and Cute Cami with all of her princess dress up!! I love that she loves disney princesses! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! When are you due again?! And the cruise was no bueno for me...and dont worry, I helped myself to 12 soft serve ice cream cones! whoops!