27 January 2012

My Apologies

Sorry (Dad) for not being a regular blogger as of late. But I'm pregnant, and have a nasty cold. But hopefully I'll be all better and my immune system strong in 3 weeks when I have this baby! Until then, here are my first two babies entertaining themselves while I make dinner:

 They took all the covers off of all 4 beds upstairs, including pillows, and made this fun jumping contraption. It was much more impressive in person.
 We've started a punch-card system at our house. Everytime the kids do something extra nice, or are obedient, or tantrum-free (Cami!), they get a punch on their punch card. Fill it up and they get a prize. Krispy kreme, Dollar Store, ice cream @ mcdonalds, etc. Here is Cami with her cherished snow globe from the dollar tree.

 Typical night: Cami getting her hair dried; Warren acting like a maniac (he gets some serious 2nd wind after 8PM)

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