20 February 2012

Baby Update

Claire had her stomach pump tube removed and she's off of oxygen, so her little face is clear of all those tubes that bugged her so much. That makes smooching her easier, so we like that. And she doesn't have to be under the photo therapy lights anymore for her jaundice. Which means she can be wrapped up in her blankets, which she definitely prefers. Her stomach contents have been clear of bile for a while, so they went ahead and let her eat a little bit today. Poor girl is so hungry - she's had an empty tummy for 5 days now. She was getting pretty grumpy about it and let us know what she thought about it. We'll see how well her gut tolerates it. And she needs to get weened off of her IV fluids. Hopefully she does great and she'll get to come home sooner than originally planned for. But I'm trying to not get my hopes up. It just won't feel like she's really ours until she gets to be at home with us. I can't wait. But she's progressing beautifully and is getting better. So we're quite happy. 


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

I seriously can not believe how beautiful she is! I LOVE BABIES! Can't wait to squeeze her and hold her! She looks like Mr. Warren btw. She is GORGEOUS! (and apparently, so is warren! ;) )

Washburns said...

Oh Stephanie! She's a doll! And came into the world with quite a story. Hang in there girl - kiss those baby cheeks!

Cassy said...

She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! I can't wait to smooch her too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loveable Luceros said...

She is adorable Steph!! I'm glad to hear that she is doing much better!! I can't even imagine what you went through, you are a champ!!!!
On a different note, we are moving up past Denver the end of May!! We would LOVE to go see you guys!!! Love ya!!