27 March 2012

Back to the Hospital

My poor little Claire just can't catch a break. She's back in the hospital with an infection in her belly button where her umbilical cord never sealed. She has to be on antibiotics for at least 48 hours, but we might be there a little longer.
This would probably be a lot more traumatic if she hadn't already spent so long in the NICU. Here, we have her own room where I can stay and sleep. It's much quieter, too. And once all the blood draws, iv, and urine samples were taken (holy cow, she has never been more upset!), it's been smooth sailing and she's been in a really great mood. I feel like it's the honeymoon she and I never got to have in the hospital. Where it's just her and me and I all have to do all day is cuddle my baby, watch a little TV and order room service. Taylor was really busy at work this week, so this is messing him up. But the kids are on spring break, so that's easy. And the hospital is 10 minutes away instead of 30+. Dreamy.
I took some pictures today but left the camera at the hospital. (Tay's there now, I didn't abandon my child). But I'll send it home with him when I go back later tonight.
A fun thing that happened today is that the pediatrician at Littleton hospital that diagnosed Claire was working today at Skyridge (where she is now). It was really nice to tell him in person how grateful I was to him. I didn't even remember his name, so it was a cool thing to see him walk into our room this morning.
All in all, this isn't so bad. I just hope this 2 day stay doesn't turn into a week. I really enjoy having her home...


merathon said...

oh no! i guess no hunger games for YOU tonight! that's what you get for actually trying to plan something, huh? :) glad she is on the mend-- poor little thing! she needs a "get out of jail free" card for the next few years!

do yo need me to take cami & warren?

stephanie and dave said...

seriously?! i'm glad you get you a re-do on the hospital stay you were gipped (sp?) out of. praying for you guys!

GordonandChrissy said...

Poor little girl! I hope she's in and out quick. :)

Sarah McK said...

Poor both of you! Ugh! Get well, Claire!!