31 March 2012

A Few More Days...

So Claire and I have been at the hospital since Monday. At one point they wanted us to maybe stay for 2 weeks because of something funny they saw on a blood culture. But now they're thinking it was a false positive since she's doing so well, never had a fever, and is generally doing awesome. So we get to come home on Tuesday. 2 long hospital stays in the first 6 weeks of life - Claire, you're killing us, baby girl.

Luckily this time has been much more pleasant since 1 - I can stay with her, 2 - it's 10 minutes away, 3 - the kids can come play and hang out with us, 4 - we have our own room (instead of sharing with 3 other babies, their nurses and parents), and 5 - she's basically fine. Poor Taylor's been trying to work and stay with the kids, but I've just been cuddling my baby, ordering food, and sitting on my booty. Which was pretty fun the first couple days, but I'm over it now and want to come home.

Luckily, she's totally content here:

 Not a cast, just keeps her IV from moving all around. (ps, I think she's getting chubbier!)
 She really likes looking out our window. We've got a great view, though all she can see is the sky. 

 She smiles now!

 Super comfy - she's living a life of luxury here, I tell ya!
Thanks to all (again!!) who've called, prayed for us, fasted for Claire, and sent well wishes. We appreciate it. Hopefully we'll get to spread some love around soon, instead of sucking up all the good karma.


Laura said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous baby! You are such a good mom... Praying that you guys get out of there ASAP!

GordonandChrissy said...

I know I've said this like ... every time you post. But, SHE IS SO CUTE!!!

So sorry you're there, but so glad it's better than last time. AND you're out Tuesday. Hip, hip, hooray!

PS Steph, you do NOT look like you just had a baby. Lookin' good, girlfriend. :)

jeremy and steph said...

Hope you guys are as good as home! She seriously is SUCH a PRETTY baby!!..Really what a gorgeous girl! Hope you are hanging in there and doing okay. Thinking of and praying for you and your cute family.