24 April 2012


Claire in her Sunday best

 Thanks for the Repunzel hair, Laura...not

 Baby fresh from the tub. Nothing on earth smells better.

 3 cutest kids ready for bed
 Claire loves Warren. He's really good to her. 

 And loves it when she holds his finger

 Bathtub Babe

 She looks like my other kids, but definitely has her own little face.

 Timer family portrait. We look like the AT&T bars
 That's a little better...
 Hi baby!!
 Photo by Warren
Sisterly cuddles



Fun pictures! Claire absolutely looks like the older kids. Can't wait to see everyone!


Fun pictures! Claire is so sweet. Can't wait to see you all!

Melissa Lasley said...

Those are great pictures! I love the new family photo on top of your blog.

Jen said...

Claire is so beautiful! Those are really good pictures.

Amy said...

Cute pictures!! Hint on the Rapunzel hair - Find a wig brush (from a beauty supply store). Mix a little bit of fabric softener with water and spray it on the hair. Use the wig brush. (Works on Barbies, Barbie size Princess dolls, etc)!! Gotta love Pinterest!

GordonandChrissy said...

Love the new pictures. Claire is already looking so much older! Looks like Warren is loving his baby sister, that's very sweet. And the last picture of Cami, he smile is soooo cute! Miss you guys.

Sarah McK said...

Your kids are so darling!