04 September 2012

End of Summer

First stop on our stay-cation - the Downtown Aquarium! It was cool, but totally overpriced and Cami had 2 (!!!!!!) accidents there. Holy cow, girl. She never has accidents, and 2 in one trip was making both Taylor and I get a little crazy. 

 It was dark in there and I didn't notice her wet shorts until I took this picture. Grr...
 Next stop - Spaghetti Factory
 Claire in a high chair for the first time. Big girl!!
 Then Cami had another (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) accident in the booth. What the crap?? We were trying not to get too mad at her, but it was crazy annoying and putting a damper on our day big time.
 Then we went to the hotel, swam in the pool, stayed up late and watched shark week. A trip to the vending machine completed the night!

Woke up, had an awesome hotel breakfast and on to the wildlife experience museum.
 don't stress - not real

 best baby ever
 no accidents today. amen.

"Slumber party" with the Cronins. Only lasted until about midnight when both Carson and Brooklyn wanted to go home. They packed up and left - so sad. But it was a total blast while it lasted. Smores, movies, staying up late and jumping on the air mattress. Maybe next year it'll work out. 

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