28 December 2012

Thanksgiving, etc.

Thanksgiving! Scotty and Courtney came to stay with us, and we got to hang out with Wray & Natalie, and Emily & Jared, too. Fun weekend!
 Claire met uncle Scotty for the first time since his mission!
 Claire ate her weight in sweet potatoes, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. 

 The zoo!!
 Dave & Busters with all the grown ups. We left our kids and Chloe and Caite with a sitter. Fun night!

 Sunday breakfast: Croissant French Toast!
 Bye Scott and Court!
 Cami. Never a dull moment with this girl. 

 Blurry jumpers

 Nice weather for swinging and playdates


 Riding the train home. 
 What we found when we got back. 


 Mobile baby. So cute. So much harder.

She also eats elves. Shh...don't tell the kids that Claire "ruined his magic!" (by touching him, of course) His name is Elvis and he was new to our family this year thanks to my friend, Kim.

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