02 March 2013

A little of this, a little of that.

 making cookies

 Dad got a 10 pound chocolate bar from a client. The children were pleased.

Except Claire...she didn't get any.

 snaggle tooth baby

Cami's first day of Primary. Cute row of Sunbeams!!

 her main squeeze, Callum

Beautiful baby Claire

Messy baby Claire

A smile! From my son! It's a rare sight in pictures...

So tired...poor girl. She had a bottle in her hands that I took away before I took the picture. Just so my mom doesn't think I suck.

Don't let the face fool you, she loves Tim Gunn and PR.

Lost another tooth. In church. Again!

3 best kids in the whole world.

I have some awesome fort-making skills. My kids were pumped.

My naughty, blurry baby LOVES to sneak up the stairs if someone leaves the gate open.

She's also a fan of playing with the toilet paper roll. 

1 comment:

GordonandChrissy said...

Ah! That baby Claire is getting SO big! Happy LATE LATE birthday, baby Claire from your lame family in CA. :(
I love the picture of all three of them squeezing together, so cute. And congrats to Cami on graduating to Primary! I bet she is loving it. :)