28 June 2013

Phone/Instagram Dump

First PB/Nutella Sandwich. Hooray! 

 Cowboy Callum and Cowgirl Cami
 She got sick...poor thing laid just like this alllll day long.
 Warren's basketball game - he loves to play. His team is pretty good, and he's getting more aggressive. Go Jedi's! 
 First McDonald's nugget. Don't judge, McD's is yum.
 Self-imposed haircut. She also whacked our neighbor girl's bangs. Whoops...
 Yeah, this one did that. Shocking, right?
 Uncle Wray was in Colorado for a few hours and paid us a visit. We love our Uncle Wray!
 Reading in his blanket cave.
 Jokes! All we hear all day is jokes. Luckily this book isn't half bad. 
 I have not recovered from pregnancy sweet-tooth. It's taking a toll. A delicious toll. 
 Princess has moves!
 April fools jello instead of "fruit punch". Cami cried.
 I made lip balm for everyone who came to my pinterest party. I have enough supplies to make 1000 more. :)
 Date with Callum to go see Disney on Ice!
 The babies partied here at home.
 Grandpa loves the babies.
 Birthday Girl
 Anyone else surprised that she was the most well-behaved during general conference??

 Court's graduation.


 They wanted to watch Charlie Brown Christmas. mmmm...ok!

 naked babies and melon! Must be feeling like summer!

 It was Jade's special day. Claire had mixed feelings about it.

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