26 April 2007


I am the biggest sucker in the whole world. So this kid comes to the door selling magazines to earn money for some great and wonderful cause that I can't even remember. And of course, because I'm a ginormous sucker, I bought one. But I'm having him send it to the troops in Iraq - so it's a worthy purchase. After I've committed myself to sending my charitable magazine, he gives me the total and it's $59 with all the crazy surcharges and "handling fees". But this kid is really really nice, and he's working his butt off selling magazines door-to-door (and who really wants to do that?) so I don't say anything and I write the dang check. Then he leaves with my money and information, never to be seen again. So I'm having some serious buyers remorse, but I'm trying to tell myself that it's helping this nice kid, Brian Boyd, and the troops, so it's going to be ok. Then on my receipt I notice a return policy! I can cancel and get my money back if I send in this thing within 3 business days. Amen! So I fill it out and it's sitting on my desk ready to go out in tomorrow's mail. But now I feel like such a jerk. This Brian kid is going to lose his points that he thought he got from me and I feel really bad. So I make Taylor go out and look for him around the block to see if he's still around. Cause I went to the company's website, and for every 20,000 points they earn $1,000. So I'm thinking he earned about $7 from me. I just wanted to give the kid the $7!! I could feel good about that. And then I could send the troops a $20 magazine subscription and still have $31. I could feed some a whole bunch of homeless people with $31. But I couldn't find Brian. And I still feel bad. But I'm sure he does fine, because he was a smooth salesman. Not that it took much to get me, because I'm a ginormous sucker.


Melissa said...


I must say that I couldn't believe that you bought their magazine. I'm glad that you stayed strong and are going to get your money back. $59.00 is just way to much money for a kid to win a cruise.
But it is a funny story! :)

Anonymous said...

Steph: Don't feel too bad. First of all, millions of people, some time in thier life, spent gobs of money on foolish things. If this a foolish thing, then you're only $59.00 short. If it was legit, then you blessed the life of some lonely soldier who needs a break from the war by reading something from home, and you're blessed for your donation. If your heart is in the right place, you will no way loose your reward. Love Dad.

Jessica said...

I don't want to make you feel bad but that kid came to my house he said his parents were my neighbors and he was trying to earn points but he didn't say that the magazines were for the troops then 2 days later I heard about a kid running a scam saying he was selling magazines but he was really just taking the money. Hopefully your guy was the real thing and didn't just take your money.

Stephanie Dix said...

No, our kid was legit. We received our voided check back in the mail yesterday (hooray!) from the company who runs these things. And there were a lot of options we had to choose from, but I thought that sending some to the troops would be the only way I'd spend my money on magazines. Anyhow, I'm happy to have my $59, but I do still feel bad about hosing that kid out of his points, and hosing the soldiers out of knowing all the hot fashion trends of the summer. If you're out there Brian Boyd from Iowa City...I'M SORRY!!

Melissa said...

Hey Steph, I know I was supposed to email you this information, but I forgot your email address. Anyway, our webpage is: http://web.mac.com/mmlasley

Can't wait to here about your trip back east!