22 May 2007

Day 6 in NY

M&M Store in Times Square

At a park in China Town

The executive...helping Tamara do some work in her home office.

So on our last day (well, we had one more day, but that was mostly travel, so we'll skip talking about it) Tamara and I got up early - like 6:30 - and stood in the stand-by line to get tickets to The View. After standing for an hour, having to leave and come back at 10 (we went to get breakfast, so it wasn't a total waste of time), they ended up taking in 14 stand-byers. And lucky us - we were # 15 and #16! So that was annoying. They did give Tamara tickets for a show later that week so at least she got to go (I wonder how that went by the way...perhaps I should call her) But no worries. We later met up with Doug for lunch and hung out in Times Square. We got our souvenir NY t-shirts, hit the M&M store, and then went to China Town to meet Steven and get some dumplings (yum!). Then Taylor headed home and I met Tamara to go see "The Color Purple" musical - starring Fantasia! (Tay doesn't do musicals) You guys, she was so great. The whole thing was just awesome. There are just some things that black people can do that we just can't. The music was very soulful/gospel. Anyhow, I bought the soundtrack and poor Taylor had to listen to it twice when we drove to Utah. While I tried to sing like a black lady. He's a good sport.

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GordonandChrissy said...

Cool trip! Sounds like a blast, and like you guys had so much fun!!! All of the pictures are adorable, of course. But, that one with Warren in the grass in the park just above this is SOOOO cute. His eyes look so blue and pretty...I mean, handsome. :) We miss you guys.