22 May 2007

And then we went to Utah

Cousin Tommy is a month older, but Warren's head is like double his size. Like an orange on a toothpick!

Pitstop somewhere in Wyoming. Letting baby stretch his legs.

Aunt Lolly aka Laura Hurst, momma's best buddy

With Emmory and her black baby

Uncle Todd and Aunt Jocelyn

We went to an outdoor, international food festival. It was cool, and the weather was perfect.

Auntie Em

Grandma's garden is looking so great this year. She works hard to keep it up and does a fantastic job. I love being back here.

Taylor's grandparents in their back yard

Warren with Sam and Luke

We've been busy trying to cram in as much travel as we could before Monday when Tay started work. We went to meet Jocelyn, my brother Todd's fiancé, and to see some of Taylor's family. We hung out at his grandparents for a while, ate lunch with his cousins Aaron and Katie and their 3 boys, went to our old neighborhood, ate dinner with Bonnie and Laura, hit the distribution center, had another Jamba Juice (I miss it!), went to church in our old ward, played with Cole and Riley, saw Taylor's sister, Emily...we did a lot for only 2.5 days. We really liked Jocelyn (hear that, Joce...we like you!!), and had a good time seeing everyone.


GordonandChrissy said...

I can't believe how big Sam is! Holy cow, they changed a ton! Oh, and congrats to your brother! I didn't know he was engaged. Is that recent?

katieo said...

Stephanie, hey, love the pictures! That first one of Warren and Thomas is my favorite! (although that smile on Warren's face is so cute with "Aunt Lolly"

and thanks again for visiting the blog!