22 May 2007

Day 1 in New York

We made a trip out to New York before Taylor started his job this summer. We went last year, so we didn't feel the need to see all the sights. We already took the double-decker tours, and saw ground zero and the statue of liberty, so we decided to just take it easy an enjoy living in the city for a week. It was a wonderful vacation, perfect weather, and a great traveler named Warren. We put the poor baby through a lot that week, though. He got his shots, we moved to Denver, we flew to NY, he got his first tooth...so he had a couple days where he wasn't feeling his normal chipper self. So it was nice that we didn't have big agendas to interrupt. We could relax and take our time so he could get better.

The first day we went on this awesome walking food tour of Greenwich Village. We strapped Warren in the snugli, and he was great. The whole tour was only like 5 blocks, but it took over 3 hours and we stopped at all these fun little restaurants and stores while a guy told us all about the history, the cool hangouts, the culture, the bajillion dollar apartments, and everything the village has to offer. It was really great. It wasn't the typical photo-op touristy thing to do, which I liked. And there was no way you could walk past all these places and know what cool things went on there. We went to a basement of a restaurant where they do poetry readings, behind another restaurant where there's an original farm house they rent out for private parties - it was cool. And then we also sampled food at like 8 different places. We got 2 kinds of pizza, cannolis, cheese and olives, cookie and cake, fried mushrooms, some procuitto ball thing, lots of stuff. I highly reccommend it if you'll be in NY. It was the funnest thing we did.

This picture is funny cause they didn't know I was taking it. Warren LOVED Tamara...almost made me jealous! He was a total flirt with lots of ladies on this trip. It was fun. Anyone who says Newyorkers are jerks never went there with a baby. Everyone was so nice, gave up their subway seat for me, stuck up conversations, it was cool.

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