22 May 2007

Day 5 in NY

T Rex

Wooly Mammoth

Bunch of guys



Today we hit the Natural History Museum. We were pretty brave doing it with a baby, but he held out for about 2.5 hours. So we won't complain. It was cool seeing everything they had there, but my favorite by far were the fossils. Besides the weenie Bean Museum at BYU, I hadn't seen fossils before, and these ones were serious. After we got Warren back outside and happy, we walked through Central Park to get some food. We went to Jamba Juice (which you wouldn't think is a big deal, but we don't have them in Iowa and I've been depressed about it for 2 years) and Famiglia's pizza. Both delicious. Later that night we met up with Steven and had dinner and then walked to this great cheesecake place.

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