03 July 2007

Grandma Walker's 80th Birthday!

We had such a great time visiting with family and being there for Grandma on her 80th birthday. I was too busy taking pictures of my own kid to get some really great shots of the party, but there were others there who can hook you up, I'm sure of it! (See the Meros, Daytons, Millers, or Blacks...I think they all had cameras out)

The cake reads: Happy Birthday Nikki (Alma, Grandma, Mom & Girlie) Love, Your Posterity

The three cutest 2nd cousins you'll ever meet. Thomas, Andie, and Warren! (Since poor Warren doesn't have any of his own cousins...let's get moving siblings!!)
4 generations: Amy, Grandma, Warren, and TayThe MEN! Grandpa taught Warren how to be reverent!
Happy Birthday, Gram!!


The Skabelund's said...

Thanks for the picture Stephanie! They look great.

katieo said...

THat picture of warren "folding" his arms is so great!

and that's a pretty sweet one of me taking a picture. lol!

warren, andie and thomas=cutest babies (and bff's).

Greg and Sariah said...

What a cutie folding his arms. I love it. He is all grins!