08 August 2007

Denver Day of Fun!

2 weeks ago, we spent an entire Saturday in Denver. What a cool city we're going to live in! We started out at the zoo. Warren liked the animals OK, but was more interested in the kids, the leaves, and trying to get out of his stroller unnoticed. He's a sneaky one, this kid. He has this whole maneuver where he flips, slides, squats, and finally ends up standing on the ground while holding on to the stroller. Houdini! But his ticket is free, so it's cool that he wasn't as enthralled as we were. It's a great zoo, they have everything.

Our little escape artist at work. But as always, he stops for a quick pose.


Warren wasn't even impressed with the Kamodo Dragon. Usually they sit and do nothing, but this fella was into our baby. Too bad he couldn't repay the favor.

He did like and look at the snake. It doesn't even look like there's glass between Warren and the deadly cobra. Scary!

Later in the day, we stopped by the company picnic and hung out with some people from Taylor's job. They had carnival games, music, and really good food. It was great. And Warren got this stylist hat (I rocked a airbrush tattoo, by the way) that he liked to chew on. Made me ridiculously nervous that it was going to pop in his face. It didn't, don't worry.

We continued our day of fun with some self-guided tours around the suburbs of Denver. Scary that we'll have to find a place to live and eventually a place to buy and we can pick anywhere. Being a grown up is hard because you have to make decisions. No me gusta. But we found some nice areas. Then we went to a Rockies game! It was great, we won. Nice end to the day!
I don't even know what that face is for. No one else is cheering. Don't judge us because our baby's shirt is messy. It was really hot, so Warren decided to barf all over himself to cool off. The only spare clothes I had in my bag were warm jammies, so we opted just to take off the shirt and let him hang out in his white trash glory.


GordonandChrissy said...

I love these pictures. That zoo looks awesome, zebras? Very cool. And, I hear ya about choosing a place to settle down. It's stressful. Even though we don't know how long we're going to be here...choosing where to live was crazy. You don't want to sign away into a place and then find out it's scary at night, or whatever...anyhow, good luck with all of those decisions! I'm sure you'll find a great place to live.

The Skabelund's said...

You are lucky. We took our Taylor to a baseball game when he was Warren's age and he screamed the entire time. Funny thing was, you could not hear him in the next seat because it was so loud.

katieo said...

Stephanie- LOVE all the pictures, but I have to say, my favorite was Warren smiling up out of the stroller. Cute.