14 August 2007

Hooray for Petting Zoos!

We (along with Uncle Wray and Aunt Natalie) patronized the Boulder County Fair this weekend. Which is basically a cowboy and white trash festival. But our $5 entrance fee was not a waste: there was a petting zoo. Warren loved it. I think. At least he acknowledged them.llama (or "alpaca" as we were corrected)

goat #1

goat #2

a camel! (It looks like Taylor is enjoying this more than Warren)

yay! pigs!

Is this not the saddest piggy you've ever seen?! It's almost enough to make me swear off pork again. Do fair pigs become bacon? They probably still do, so don't tell me.

Aunt Natalie protecting him from mean, squealy pigs.

If I take the pig and this tractor home with me, I could be a farmer. (That's Wray holding Warren)

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