17 September 2007

Can Someone Please Tell Me Why My Baby is SO Dang Cute?

We (as in Warren) love to watch the maintenance man mow the grass, blow leaves, edge, and everything else he does. Hopefully he doesn't mind if his biggest fan watches him while he works. Here is Warren focusing on the lawn mower in the distance.

"I'm so happy!"

Check out my cool hat that I got from the zoo!

Same day - different shirt (give you 2 guesses as to why...). This is my new favorite picture of my two boys. :)

So sweet!!


Mrs. Sew-n-Sew said...

Thanks SO much for the videos and pictures! Warren is just so dang cute! Give him a big kiss from G&G Dix.

GordonandChrissy said...

He is just, the CUTEST little guy ever. He is looking more and more like a little man. We're SO excited to see him over Christmas!

Jen said...

He has such a great smile! It shows that you guys are great parents- he is such a happy baby!

katieo said...

Oh my boys LOVED watching the grounds crew mow the lawns when we lived in Wyview. THey were obsessed. THey'd get SO excited when one of them would notice them or wave. I mean, hero status. I always liked to hope that Luke and Sam made them feel like their job was super important.

And HELLO. I check over here like everyday, then dont...then you go all post crazy! I got some catchin up to do!