17 September 2007

the Zoo!

I skipped out a little early from work on Friday so that we could go with some friends to the Niabi Zoo. It's about an hour or so away in Moline. It was fun. And I think Warren kinda understands what he's supposed to be looking at now, so that's good. Because it's a smaller zoo, everything is really close up. I recommend going :) It was pretty windy most of the day, so I didn't take the camera out as much as I should have - oh well.


scary lorakeets that land on you!

big bear! roar!

riding the train!


Mrs. Sew-n-Sew said...

Did a scary lorakeet land on him?

Stephanie Dix said...

No, but they fly right in front of your face and head. And if you have food, they flock all over you. We weren't quite feeling that adventurous.

Ashbobash!! said...

You ARE too sexy for that blog...man...it must be BUSINESS TIME soon! Lol...love you guys!

Krista said...

Good times at the zoo! You sure are a cute mama!