15 February 2008

Valentines Day

We spent Valentines Day at home this year. Tay and I decided that we would save $ by not eating out this month (which is pretty hard, but it is the shortest month of the year...) without remembering about Valentines Day until we were ready to make reservations somewhere. So instead of pouting about it, I decided I would make a nice dinner, ship Warren off to a friends (we watched their kids tonight in a wonderful trade agreement) and invite another couple over to eat our food.

For dinner I made bread and a spinach salad in a parmesan frico cups to start, and we ate pork tenderloin, green beans, and cream cheese stuffed new potatoes for our main course. It looked really pretty and everything tasted great - I was happy about how they turned out. I totally should have taken a picture to make all my work last longer. Thanks, Food Network! We also drank Martinelli's because you have to with any holiday dinner. Fun night!

Nice choice, Tay! He even went to a florist - NOT the grocery store. He knows his stuff!

I made these cute cards at an enrichment activity (Go Enrichment!!) But thought they were too girly for Taylor. So I think I'll give them to the girls I visit teach (which one do you want, Sunny?)

Warren's present - he loves balloons.
So funny story: I bought this guy at Walmart on the 12th. And walking outside in the below zero freezing cold, the tape that's holding him (well not this one - it was his brother) comes off the balloon! So I'm RUNNING through the icy parking lot trying to catch it, and another guy tries to help me, but it eventually gets picked up by the wind and sails away. It's probably killing a baby seal somewhere in the Pacific by now. I was so sad. So I start to drive away when I think "It's not MY fault stupid Walmart didn't tie the string, knowing how cold it is outside. That thing cost me almost $5!" So going against my nature (I hate complaining,I think it's tacky and embarrassing), I go in to customer service at 10PM and wait in line behind some ca-rAZ-y Walmart customer - you know the type - to nicely request another balloon. And they gave me one and I was happy. :)

And Tay got iTunes bucks


the skabelund's said...

I am glad that you had a night alone at least.
My boys were in their "balloon" phase until...Jonathan is still there. Now Jonathan just loves to get balloons so he can cut them when we get home and see them fly all over the room. Hense we get FREE ones. I am not paying money to see it ruined within 30 seconds of being home.

Street Fam said...

Pretty flowers, and you don't have to give me a card. :)

Warren is a cute homeless baby too. :)

GordonandChrissy said...

Dang, Martha! Your dinner sounds awesome! Wish we could've been a part of that feast. :)

GO Gray's said...

I'm totally hungry now!!!

Tamara said...

I love that you got flowers from a flower store. Tay needs to teach Doug a couple of things:)

Jen said...

You are a better wife than me! SOunds like a fun V-day. Love the balloon