28 April 2008

Popsicle Toes

My feet are cold because today it snowed. Boo! The temperature is currently 40 degrees, but it "feels like" 33 degrees. I'm guessing that includes wind chill and the 60% humidity. I wonder what the weather might be like in Denver right now? Hmm. 71 degrees! And the funny thing is that it "FEELS LIKE" 71 degrees. Ahh...sounds nice. And the humidity is only 9% (my frizzy hair is already excited for the possibilities).


Greg and Sariah said...

Snow right now? That's just ridiculous! I'm over the cold dude!

Chrissy said...

Um, and you forgot to mention that in Denver you'd be oh so much closer to us out here in CA. That's what you're REALLY looking forward too, right? :)

wray and nat said...

Uh not 71. more like 79.
don't mean to rub it in sis!!!!

wray and nat said...

Hey what's this blogger owner approval thing about!!!
I want my comments published!!:)