01 May 2008

Bad Mama

Motherhood confessions for the week:

1. On Monday, negligent Stephanie allows innocent child to burn finger on flat iron
2. She doesn't think it looks so bad, so runs it under cold water for 4 seconds and moves on
3. It becomes a huge blister
4. W rips off his bandaid and pops the blister, so it might get infected
5. I won't let him play in the sand at the playground and take him home early to W's dismay/fury


And to top it all off, I also took him to the dentist today (aka Baby Torture!) and held him down while he screamed and kicked and cried and the only thing he got for it was a toothbrush and a sticker. He hasn't liked me the rest of the day. Can't say I blame him.


Jamie Ortega said...

If thats your only confession and thats all the harm, blister and dentist then I consider you a wonderful mother.

Jocelyn & Todd said...

sad day! some day he can come see uncle todd for those teeth and we'll give him more than a stupid sticker to show for his efforts!

Mrs. Sew-n-Sew said...

Reminds me of taking Taylor to the doctor for a shot--it took me and two nurses to hold him down! W's more and more like his dad!

Jen said...

I closed Nate's finger in the bathroom door (not the incident that caused the bloody finger on our blog). I had just been thinking about how kids always seem to close their fingers in doors and I didn't want to do that to Nate... within that same week I close his finger in the bathroom and he closed it in the screen door!
How did you get Taylor to cook?! Impressive!

katieo said...

Points for taking the kid to the dentist!

(gotta go see about that...)

*now I am going to bed with the Carpenters in my head..."why do...birds..."

Michelle said...

Stephanie?? This is Michelle Perry from the Steilacoom Ward. So I joined facebook like a week ago, and found Dave Stevens. I saw you were his friend and then I starting wondering how you were doing. I was going to send a message to you, but then I always wonder if people remember who I am. Anyway so today I was looking at my sister Katherine's blog and then I clicked on her sister-in-laws blog. I think you know them, Joseph and Heidi Miller. So then I happened to glance over at her friends list and saw a link that said Dix family. I remember from Dave's page that your last name is Dix. What are the chances that it ended up being you. Anyway I was pretty excited. Hopefully you remember who I am and don't think I am some crazy stalker person. I hope we can be blogging buddies. Check out our blog at mattandmichelle5.blogspot.com WOW this comment is really long. Sorry!! Do you care if I add you as a friend?