29 May 2008

6000+ Miles

To all loyal fans...we've returned. Life can go on. :)

We've done a bit of traveling in the last few weeks. To Denver for wedding/house hunting, then back to Iowa for graduation, then to DC to visit my Grandma and hang out with Scotty before he leaves, then to Seattle for his mission farewell (He heads to Preston next Thursday and then on to SCOTLAND . . . holla). Warren was a champ most of the time, so he gets a bike when he's 8. But his poor little body clock is all sorts of messed up (all four time zones in the last 2 weeks will do that to you). It's 11PM and he's in the next room screaming his head off. Sorry, kid. But we managed to have some good times. Here's a bajillion pictures to prove it. We'll stick to just DC pictures for this post. Don't want to overload you all.

The rental car company ran out of crappy cars, so they forced us to drive this sweet machine. It was terrible.

Grandma encourages W to explore his inner percussionist.

Can you not picture this face on my future 16-year-old son?

Unicorn Tay

W and Abe

On the Lincoln Memorial steps

My grandpa's name on the Vietnam Memorial (David J. Warczak)

Betcha didn't know they have sticks in DC. W was pleased.


We met Ben, Mary Ann, and Sam and played with them for a couple days. We switched babysitting duty so we could all attend the temple. This building is amazing. And huge. And seeing it from the freeway is it's own experience.

We saw Ralph. I posted this for the only person who'll care - you know who you are. (Ben Knoll)

It must have been a hard day...

Uncle Scotty knows lots of cool things...

(I thought the aliens blew this place up in Independence Day. Don't tell me that was fake!?)

My grandma is such a babe. Anyone got any single grandpa's?
And she fed us more food in a weeks time than you'd believe. I'm still getting over the calorie intake.


Street Fam said...

It is so GOOD to see your face again, even though it's only through pictures. I love this post. I'm totally laughing at the Independence Day comment! :) Miss ya guys!

Jocelyn & Todd said...

Fun pictures, Steph! Grandma Jo really is a babe. What other grandma do you know that likes Coldplay? Can we come with you on your next adventure? I need out of Utah. Soon.

BandHGardner said...

Congrats on graduating, Taylor.

I love the unicorn Tay picture, and the Ralph Nader picture. Too funny.


GordonandChrissy said...

You guys are such a cute little family. That looks like such a fun trip, and that's just the first part, huh? Wowzers. I'm excited to see the rest of your trip! And we're so excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks!!!

GO Gray's said...

I can't believe Scottie leaves on his mission soon. How that is cool. Scott is going to Scottland. You'll have to give me his address when he goes out.

Tamara said...

Looks like so much fun, I am still bummed that we could not make it there to see you.

Sarah said...

He should definitely continue to explore his inner percussionist! That's really a cool thing to be, I should know.

I can't believe how all over the place you've been! We just went to Salt Lake for 4 days and we're still getting over it.