31 May 2008

The "Real" Washington

After DC, we had a relaxing couple days in the other Washington. No agenda, just hanging out with the fam. Warren loves G&G's big back yard with multiple wagons to push, and plenty of dirt and rocks to dig up. Todd and Jocelyn couldn't make it, but it was nice to be back in a mostly full house. We were there to see Scotty before he left on his mission and to hear him speak in sacrament meeting. Unfortunately he won't be able to leave this week as planned because of some medical reasons. We love you, Uncle Scotty!! Get better! (That's us last week at the DC Temple)

Courtney and W having a grand time in the red wagon

Grandpa's work wagon

Playing "catch" with Court's friends

High-centered and stuck.

He recovered.

Warren Czak loves Grandma Kathy

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