17 June 2008

Grad Party

Good food, good friends...what more could we ask for?? Sunny and I put together a little par-tay for our stud husbands. It was a perfect day - a great way to go out!

Yummy food.

Who gave this kid strawberries?? Oh well, he was having fun.

The LDS law grads (minus Morgan)

He will miss you, J.

Janitor Warren

Cute picture of my boys. Love them!


GO Gray's said...

Congratulations Taylor. I love the last pic of Tay and W.

Tamara said...

Congrats Tay on graduating....we are so proud. We wanted to send you a gift but Doug could not figure out what to get...any ideas??

Chelsea said...

Love the last picture, it's so priceless. Congrats on graduating!

Chelsea said...

woah that was weird. some other chelsea left you a comment that says exactly what i was going to write. for a moment i thought i'd had amnesia and forgot that i read these posts. i had to look at her picture to know it wasn't me.

anyway, congratulations to taylor! and congrats to you, stephanie, for making it through, too. that last picture on this post is so sweet.

close escape on the flooding. i see the pix and i've seen the flooding in years past, but it's still hard to wrap my brain around entire buildings underwater.