17 June 2008

Life's Better (and Drier!) in Denver

We are so sorry for all our friends in Iowa who are dealing with this crazy flood. We saw the river rising last week and went to help sandbag the couple days before we left. But two days after we arrived in Denver, things got really bad. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected. It's insane.

These are some pictures from just down the road from where we lived. We left on 6-10-08 and these pictures are from 6-15-08. Did we dodge the bullet or what? Our apartment complex is fine, but parts of I-80 are shut down as well as 380, so our moving truck might have had some tough times getting around.
(Pictures from the Press Citizen) To see a video, click HERE.

This first picture was taken on 6-8-08 on the street where we went to sandbag. Now the water is up to the street signs. Lotta help that was.

2nd street/Coralville Strip

1st Ave

My beloved Taco Bell

1st Ave (We lived right behind the hotel that's in the top left corner)

City Park in Iowa City. CA-RAZY

Are apartments are just up the hill from this burger king (top right corner). The River Power Restaurant on the left is where we went for our anniversary dinner. We'd take walks across this bridge all the time to watch the waterfall. Notice that there is no more waterfall, only a ripple.

1st Ave meets 2nd street. I don't know how people get to the hospital now. The detours must be nuts.

Same intersection from the other side. All the streets just south of us are closed/flooded.

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Chelsea said...

So sad, eh? You and Taylor were sure awesome to get out and sandbag for your last days in IA, what memories you'll have. I hope we get to visit you sometime! Wait, no I don't, because that will mean we're driving to NM or UT with our little munchkin crying in his carseat! You'd better come visit us instead. :)