17 June 2008


These pictures are long overdue, but we had so much fun at Taylor's Law School graduation. It's almost impossible to believe that our 3 years in Iowa City are over. We've had the best experience imaginable. Working at the temple in Nauvoo, small towns, farmers, good friends, great school/work environments, bar food, our married student ward, etc. etc. etc. We'll definitely miss our life there. At the Old Capital in Iowa City

HOODED! (Loving his "advanced degree")

Proud Family!

Herky (who is probably drowning in water now...)

Mama and Papa Dix

My first friend, Sunny

Mr. and Mrs. Burrows

Bishop/Professor Andersen

LDS law guys (Morgan! Where were you?! So surreptitious that one.)


Jen S. said...

Congratulations on graduating from Law School! That's awesome!

Street Fam said...

I miss you my DEAR FRIEND, Stephie!!! I'm figuring out a trip to Colorado...maybe this fall! Tell W Hello from Sunny.

wray and nat said...