07 July 2008

America's Birthday

The 4th of July was good to us this year. We kicked it off with a neighborhood "parade" that consisted of a fire truck coming, the kids getting to play on it, then it turned on it's sirens and all the kids followed it around the block. Then we went to a neighbor's for a pancake breakfast. So fun. Our neighborhood is seriously awesome. After we took a family nap, we went furniture shopping (and we went back on Saturday and make some sweet purchases!) then to Castle Rock for a BBQ. Our gracious friends, the Ware's, had us over and we got to catch up with some college friends. Very cool. We went to watch fireworks and were all disappointed that there was no "grand finale". Turns out that one exploded too close to the ground and ended up burning 3 acres or something. So they stopped the show. Guess that was finale enough. But W liked what he saw and kept shushing me every time I'd say "wow" or "oooh". Funny kid.

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GordonandChrissy said...

It sounds like you guys are already right at home there! What a fun 4th! I'm excited to hear all about your new furniture. That's so exciting. :) It's like you're real grown-ups now or something. ha.