02 November 2008

Halloween/Birthday Fun

Birthday Breakfast: DOUGHNUT!

Went to the zoo (we got a year pass for Mr. W's Birthday - hooray!)

Using the "knife" to carve our pumpkin

Neighborhood party and trick-or-treat

Love my little skunk

the LOOT


Brushing teeth after a sugar-filled day (out of order, sorry!)

Fishy Cake (Banana cake - W's Fav!)


Street Fam said...

Happy Birthday Mr. W!!!! I love the cake Martha Stewart...very nice!

Steven said...

I'm impressed by your cake decorating skills. Especially the creativity and use of all the other candy.

katieo said...

I love the skunk costume. And Warren's Two now? happy Birthday! Somewhere between Thomas' second birthday and the present - he decided to go crazy. Warren probably won't, but if he does, he'll be in good company.

Cronin Family said...

Happy Birthday Warren! What a cool cake!

Jocelyn & Todd said...

Seriously, Steph. Nice cake!

jeremy and steph said...

your cake is amazing!!! who do you think you are!?!?
Happy b-day to your cutie skunk :)

Mary Ann said...

He looks way cute in his costume. And I love his cake- did you make it?