10 November 2008

Humble Beginnings

We had Stake Conference this weekend at church. And I felt a lot of the talks touched on being prepared in one way or another. Talking with Taylor, we decided we have 3 areas where we need to work on getting prepared. One, getting a money reserve in case Tay lost his job, or some other financial crisis comes up (I guess we won't be getting that car as soon as we thought). Two, preparing spiritually in case some tragedy arises and we need to rely more heavily on our relationship with Christ (got to be better about family prayers and scripture study). And Three, getting our food storage in case of natural or financial disaster (we'll still need to eat!).

Here's the beginning of my food storage efforts:

We've got a long way to go, but it's a start.

(Sidenote to all Denverites: Albertson's generic cereal is on sale for $1. Yeah, there's 16 boxes in this picture.)


GO Gray's said...

Good Job Steph. Grandma Shawcroft is smiling down on you right now!!!

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

OH man, you are SO good. way to go on that by the way. Now we know where to come should the biggest snowstorm in life come! We love cereal! Now what about milk?

Kerri Whitney said...

Strong work girl...congrats on being pregnant..and great job on food storage can we come to your house for breakfast...ha ha

Sarah said...

Good start Stephanie! (I won't show you a picture of mine:-)

The best part once you have a good start is shopping from your own pantry instead of a store!

Jennifer said...

OK SERIOUSLY! I don't know if blogging is heathy for me or not. I sure feel like a slacker! I can't cook, or scrapbook, and Trisha made a cage for her rabbit! Now this Steph .... Where are all the other family members I need who can be a lil' off like me ???

Great Job! You're amazing!