11 November 2008

The Moose Hat Lives!

Nov & Dec 2007

Nov 2008

Warren found this at the bottom of his toy box today. We'll get even more milage out of it this year!


Jocelyn & Todd said...

Yes! That hat is so awesome. Love it!

HeidiAnn said...

So since I haven't left a comment on here for ages, I will go ahead and say that I loved looking through all these posts and catching up on life at the Dixes. We miss you guys and it looked like Colorado is treating you well. I hope the pregnancy is going well too! Warren is 2! Crazy. Alex will be 2 next week . . so crazy. They get big fast!

Jennifer said...

I love it! I'm SUCH a hat person! ANY hat just makes ya feel good! And hey ... anyone who says different just doesn't have the right shaped head! SO WEAR IT PROUD LIL MAN!

Chavez Family said...

Do you guys know what you are having yet? We find out on the 3rd
and I bet Jocelyn is finding out soon too! So crazy, all these babies!

katieo said...

ok, the hat is hilarious and Warren's expressions in all the pictures are very cute.