01 March 2009

"Tay Tay and Steph"

Warren has picked up on the fact that Mom and Dad have other names; names that they call each other. And he thinks it's fun to use these new names. Like when W and I were getting in the car and Taylor was still in the house - "Where's Tay Tay?? I want Tay Tay to come!" Or last night when he was being grumpy in his bed because Taylor wouldn't give him another drink of water - "WANT STEPH!". It isn't consistent, but it's funny to hear him use our real (well, sorta real) names. Let's just hope he grows out of it by the time he's a teenager.


Kristi said...

Funny. Julia does this too. Mostly she says, "Yayne" but every now and then she attempts my name too.

Melissa Lasley said...

Its so cute when kids say your name! Eli says Morgan all of the time, but hardly ever uses mine. Although he has started calling me Mama.