02 April 2009

Pants Prank?

So last week we came home from church and noticed a box sitting on our lawn. The lid was propped open and the word MISFIT written in sharpie on the top. Inside were a pair of hideous ladies jeans. So weird. I figured they had been left there by mistake, and I let them sit there for a day before I threw them in the trash.

Then yesterday, Taylor comes home to find - in the same spot on our lawn - a Kmart bag with another super ugly pair of ladies pants. Both had these awesome embroidered flower things on them, although the last pair's were all blue.

What the heck, world? Is our yard the dumping ground for all ugly mom jeans? And who are they meant for? Us? That's insulting. And why not put them on our door step? But if they're for someone else, then why are they left in our grass? If a third piece of embroidered denim shows up, I'm calling the cops.

The X is where the mystery pants magically appear. (Picture from last year, although with the snow our grass is lookin a little greener...)


Melissa Lasley said...

I think it is very weird that they are leaving strange pants. I have never heard of this prank. Hopefully someday you get the skinny on it.

Mary Ann said...

That's pretty funny. And I love that you have a little "x marks the spot". :)

wray and nat said...

That's as funny as Gordo's funny dreams. I love it!!!