02 April 2009

Warren's still solo

Even though I'm still 2 days away from my due date, I honestly believed that I was going to have a baby yesterday. Not that I'm having contractions or any action at all, I just felt like it would be a great day. So I was pretty grumpy as the clock got closer and closer to midnight with no signs of baby in sight. This pregnancy has been pretty good to me, and I'm just now getting uncomfortable; complaining isn't probably the best thing to do. But I'm all ready, and she's invited...so she better not make me wait too much longer.

W's been really funny lately. Really naughty, too. He's got to know in his little brain that something major is going down. Here's a couple pictures of my little man. It's going to be fun loving another little person as much as I love him. Even when he's a giant monster, I still want to cuddle him and smooch him all over.

"Resting" in the tub. He also thinks it's funny to gross me out by eating bubbles.

My pregnant attempt at a snowman. For some reason, I just wasn't feeling up to bending over and pushing giant balls of snow this week. I'm wearing Tay's coat. Isn't it cute that my boys match when they play in the snow?

Giving his snowman a hug. Later he knocked him down and kicked him several times, which he thought was hilarious. Watch out, baby sister!
'finishing touches

W got what he calls a "cool new potty"! I'm not even close to wanting to potty train him yet, but getting him used to the idea of sitting on a toilet sounded like a good idea.


Laura said...

Hey you sexy little snow bunny - are you sure you're nine months pregnant? I sure as heck can't tell. :)

Can't wait for that darling little babe to come to the world!

GordonandChrissy said...

I was just thinking the same thing. You look GREAT, Steph!

And could that little Warren get any cuter? I don't think so. Gordon and I watched his "tasty" video a few times last night just because he's so dang cute.

Lindsay said...

You are so funny. I hadn't heard about the embroidered denim incident. I am laughing out loud. Cute little W. He will be so sweet with his baby sis.

krista griffiths said...

Good luck the next few days!!! Hopefully she will come quickly!! Can't wait to see pics!

Steve and Katrina said...

where did you get that toilet seat? I think we need one for Chandler. Maybe then he won't be scared of the toilet. Good luck with getting that baby to come! I can't wait to see pictures and hear the name.

G&G Thatcher said...

You look amazing! Are you sure you are preggo! Would never even know you were pregnant by the pics. We are all very excited for you to get that little girl here. Good Luck! Hope to hear from you soon. JoDean

wray and nat said...

yeah! we are patiently waiting for baby Caroline as well. if that's what you've decided to name her. Is it!!???? :)
I have to agree with Chrissy Steph you look really good.
We can't wait to come visit our little W. We miss him sooooo much!

Jessica Sorensen said...

Happy due date! CAn't wait to see pictures and find out what you decided to name her. Good luck.

Anna said...

Oh the random pants on the lawn stories made me laugh out loud! Only in your world, Steph :)

Warren is such a cutie. And he's always been so sweet with Sascha, I'm certain that he will be a GREAT big brother to his baby sis.

Hurry up, baby! Lots of people want to meet you :)