10 October 2009

For the Warren Lovers...

Here are some videos that show his wild side:


He likes snapping the clean pair of undies he puts on after his bath. I don't know who taught him that . . .


After watching general conference, and seeing lots of people pray at a podium with a microphone, he decided this little cord sticking out of our wall (the previous tenants' cable cord) was his little microphone. I think he said about 20 prayers at our own little wailing wall that day.


My son was born into this world ready to be a cowboy. (Watch until the end...)


He has a Woody doll that talks when you pull the string on his back. When the boy has all of the lines memorized, along with the order they appear when I "pull his string," I think that means it's time to get a new toy.


Laura said...

HA - love them all but the prayer one's gotta be my fave. So cute!

Mrs. Horton said...

Love ALL the videos! But the prayer one is my favorite, too. What is he blessing?

tracie said...

He even grabs the "microphone" like a kid would. He's all set to give talks in primary.

P.S. Love the pic at the top of your blog. Cami is the cutest thing ever.